Gloves pop up everywhere and their inclusion in postcards is no exception. Some are for advertising and some for humour.
In America leather gloves were known as ‘KIDS’ probably because the finest leather gloves were made of kid skin.

WARNING: The postcards shown at the bottom of this page contain some ‘seaside’ humour, if you are sensitive to this you may want to look away now.

Say it with gloves
gloves miss
kids post card
Capture the kids
Mitten message
Dogs with gloves
never forgotten
Birthday wishes
My lady's glove 2
Girl with glove
My Lady's
Cat in glove
Daschund & gloves
Victorian trade card
A hand in the hand
New kids
a glove upon your hand
Shop keeper
2020 gloves
Where's your gloves
I wish I were a glove
In Roeckl's glove shop
My valentine
love glove 2
kid me
Birthday glove
That's what I think of you
A little note
For a pair of gloves
Fosters gloves
kids 2
Glove Cutters
sent the kids
Pa Pas


The postcards shown below contain some ‘seaside’ humour and some references which are from different times which you may find offensive. If you are sensitive to this you may not want to scroll down any further.

Kids to kids
First I gave her
Miss Primm
I don't mean
Birthday mistake
A mistake 1
Leap Year post card
Buck skin
Radon the glove
driving gloves
Hat & Gloves
Lovely hands
Something in nylons
Kids 2
This pair
Mrs Beever's kids
Glove Dept