where it all began

These pictures show the houses in Albert Road Witham where, in 1904 William and Rebecca lived and started making gloves in the front room.

number 11


William and Rebecca moved to Witham from the West Country in 1904 and using their glove making skills and experience start making gloves in their front room. In the same year the form The National Glove Company and by the following year the were employing ten girls. These pictures show number 11 in 1904 and 2016.

no 11 1904
The house where it all began seen in 2016

Number 13 & 14


By 1905 the business needed more space and so William and Rebecca acquired a large semi detached house just along the road and production started at number 13 and 14. It wasn't long before this too wasn't big enough for the expanding business. These pictures show how it looked in 1905 and 2016.

nos 13&14 1905
nos 13&14 2016

more production needed

As the business grew manufacturing in Albert Road couldn't keep up.

1912 factory


Business grew and the space in the houses in Albert Road was not big enough to keep up with demand and so the first factory was built on land just a few hundred yards away and production started in 1912. The National Glove Company was in full swing but was cut down to size with the depression of the late twenties and went out of business for a while.




more expansion

After much soul searching and hard work production started again in the thirties and provided much needed supplies for the war effort. By 1947 again demand for Pinkam gloves outgrew the production capability at the factory and a second factory was opened in 1948.

Witham from the station 1960s


This photograph was taken from the platform on Witham train station around 1960. The original and first factory that had been built in 1912 can be seen in the top right hand corner of the photograph



Seen here just before its demolition in 1980s

Site in 2016


This is how the site looked in 2016 following the completion of the Templemead  housing development

From the air

These photographs of the Witham site were taken on April 9th 1949 following the completion of the second factory in 1948. The new factory on the right of the pictures dwarfs the original factory that had been built in 1912.

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