Promotional merchandise

Throughout the company's history and particularly during the post war years promotional items were produced to constantly help in raising the company's profile. A few still survive to this day. .

Hands up


Many a shop window and shop counter would be adorned with a 'gloved hand' showing off Pinkham gloves at their best. Not sure why this one has its finger nails painted red. It is life size and stands twelve inches - thirty centimetres - high.


This fine example is kept by Chertsey Museum in Surrey and grateful thanks go to them for allowing it to be shown here.


Display hand
stand lozenge


Who's that Pinkham in the window?


These perspex Pinkham name plates were used in retailers' windows and shop display cabinets alongside pairs of gloves.





Always popular

The New Year was always seen in with a leather covered Pinkham diary complete with pencil. This one is from the sixties.


Cigarette pack case



Up in smoke

It's not clear whether this idea was ever launched in any quantity. A chrome cigarette case with the Pinkham 'signature' engraved on the front. Seen here with a Player's cigarette packet.



Me old china


These two china gloves came from the board  room at the Witham factory.
It’s not known if they were ever used as promotional items or just as ornamental ash trays.


China gloves
Lots of china gloves



Over the years many china gloves have been added to the original gold and pale blue ones which were associated with the company.





Sales are up


Although this leaflet was not produced by the company it is a fascinating insight to the issues of the day when it came to gloves. It also has some very useful sales tips which are still relevant today.


Sales are up 1
Sales are up 2
Sales are up 3

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