The Golden Days

In the days that followed their move to Witham in 1901 William and Rebecca laid the foundations of a business that would grow to be recognised as one of the leading glove manufacturers of its time and one that captured the hearts and minds of the next generation of the family, Leslie and Lilian who left their mark on the company during the golden days.

Dagenham factory outing 1935
The Tatler magazine 1956
Christmas 1952

The Story of a Lamp

The Story of a Lamp written in 1949 this part of Leslie Pinkham’s hand written introduction to the book gives a sense his pride and feeling of responsibility:

I have been prompted to write The Story of a Lamp by a desire to record for those who work with us, and others who may be interested, something of the early struggle of my mother and father in laying the foundations of a business which at the time of my writing, finds employment for nearly five hundred people, in order that those who choose to share their working hours with us, shall have the opportunity of knowing something of the more intimate side of our life.

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