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Witham 1917
Witham 1948
Chelmsford factory 1921

Pinkham foresight and vision

In the days of The National Glove Company and W Pinkham & Son Ltd factories were opened were the glove making skills existed or where there was suitable workforce that could be trained. William understood that where there was a large male workforce there would be a female workforce more suited to the nimble work of sewing gloves. So grew Dagenham next to the Ford Motors' works and in County Durham near the mines.

Throughout its history the company had factories in many UK locations. Here we look at the factories that were in Witham, County Durham and Dagenham.

Factories 1899 - 1966 

1899 Rebecca buys a second hand Weir 55s chain stitch sewing machine
1899 Rebecca starts making gloves in the kitchen of their house in Great Torrington
1901 William & Rebecca move to Salisbury and continue making gloves in their home
1901 William & Rebecca move to Witham and continue making gloves in their home
1904 William & Rebecca form The National Glove Company and employ ten machinists in a small workshop
1912 New factory built on a seven acre site in Witham
1912 The company now employs 80 employees
1912 5,000 gloves a week produced
1914 Entire production turned over to producing pure silk gloves for the Royal Flying Corps
1916 Factories opened in Great Torrington & Barnstaple to support the war effort
1916 New factory opened in Chelmsford managed by Lilian
1918 The company now employs 150 employees
1919 New factory built in Belgium to produce kid skin gloves
1921 New factory built in Chelmsford 
1922 New factory in Matlock Bath opens to produce fabric
1923 The world's first Rayon Milanese fabric gloves made with fabric from Matlock Bath
1924 The company now employs 350 people
1924 48,000 gloves a week produced - 400 different styles - Witham factory produced 12 gloves a minute
1931 The recession force The National Glove Company to close
1932 The company W Pinkham & Son Ltd is incorporated
1933 The Witham factory re-opens and is soon producing gloves at full capacity again
1933 December 24th a new factory opens in White barn Lane Dagenham
1947 New factory opens in South Moor, County Durham with120 employees
1948 Second factory built at Witham and glove production starts at South Moor Co. Durham
1948 The company now has 600 employees producing 96,000 gloves a week
1949 The company now has 600 employees producing 96,000 gloves a week
1959 South Moor factory re-located to a new factory at Stanley Co. Durham
1966 The company closes

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