The pioneering years

By 1924 Engecie, The National Glove Company was producing four hundred styles of fabric gloves and employing one hundred and twenty five staff in five factories in England.

This section looks at the company's progress from sewing gloves at home in 1901 to manufacturing in five factories in 1924.

The National Glove Co. trade mark Engecie

The National Glove Company

With ambition and hard work comes success and in 1904 William and Rebecca  formed the National Glove Company with the trade marks N G C and Engecie and by the roaring twenties it was in full swing.

Engecie advert 1924

Recognition at last

Produced in 1924 and used on the company’s stand at The British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Park the brochure below outlines the first twenty five years of the National Glove Company.

The brochure also has some fine photographs of the then current season’s gloves.

BEE front page
BEE p 1
BEE p 2 & 3
BEE p 4 & 5
BEE p 6 & 7
BEE p 8 & 9
BEE p 10 & 11
BEE p 12 & 13
BEE p 14 & 15
BEE p 16 & 17
BEE p 18 & 19
BEE p 20 & 21
BEE p 22 & 23
BEE p 24 & 25
BEE back page

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