War effort


Glamour was not in the designer’s brief for this pair of Pinkham gloves.

They show just how diverse the company was when it needed to be.  This pair of unissued World War Two British Army gunner’s gloves dated 1942 were discovered in an Army & Navy storage depot in Oldham.

They were made during World War Two at a time when the company had turned over much of its production to the war effort and were developing heated gloves for the RAF as well as manufacturing thin silk gloves which were worn for warmth inside leather flying gloves. These were in addition to various types of gloves for the military including this pair for gunners and also ski mittens for arctic deployments.

Many thanks to Dan Lewis at themilitariashop.com who re-united the gloves with the Pinkham collection.

Finding this pair of gloves manufactured in 1942 resonated with the letter below that Leslie Pinkham wrote to the workforce in December 1941. Inspiration, compassion; make of it what you will.